My Battle

December 15, 2016

Dear Families,

I battled all day to find the words for this week’s wire. I walked the halls, sat in on an 8th-grade Socratic discussion, MC’ed the first annual Lost and Found Lunch Time Fashion Show, and attended a meeting for Make-a-Wish Colorado. Now at 10:23 PM, while staring at the computer, I contemplate why I have battled to find my voice. I realize that I battled because I don’t know where to start.

I want to celebrate the growth in the 6th graders. I want to brag about the leadership being displayed by the 7th graders. I want to commend the maturity of the 8th graders. But I realize that in doing so, I could literally write for hours. Even then, if I captured 100 celebrations, I would miss 100 more.

If I interviewed each of you about this semester, I have no doubt that you would express both joy and frustration, satisfaction and irritation, happiness and anger. To assume otherwise would be foolish of me. I know this to be true because we are interacting with humans, and humans make mistakes. But, I also know this to be true, our students are amazing human beings. In fact, amazing is too benign a word.  

I love that the 8th graders are willing to question things. It confirms that they are thinking. I love that 7th graders continually create things that we can do as a middle school to build our school spirit. It proves they are invested in their community.  I love that 6th graders walk the halls knowing they belong, and they are important. It proves that they are growing and maturing right on schedule. Finally, I love that, although grades in every class may not be exactly where students want them, they are still learning each and every day. Often times, they are learning life skills that are far more important than the score on a multiple choice test.

If the students leave middle school understanding the importance of doing right, regardless of their GPA, I will count it a win. Maya Angelou inspires me. I included the following clip in this wire because it gives you a further glimpse into who I am and for what I strive. Just Do Right Disclaimer this clip has mild language used in context to make a point. It is a well-made point. This lesson keeps me in check every time I want to take a shortcut or the easy way out. This is what I want for my students.

Please enjoy your break. Celebrate your family. Find joy in being together and in rest. Below are several links. One is a link to the Breckenridge Ice Sculptures. It is an annual event in our home. If you can, make the trip!  It’s amazing!

Honored to Serve You All,

Janet Worley

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