We’re Almost There

March 9, 2017

Dear Families,

Do you realize that the school year is three-fourths complete? I literally cannot figure out where the time went! Last night, as I sat at the choir/band concert, I reflected on the growth of the band. Listening to Mr. Meinkoth introduce each number reminded me of the concert in December. I remember Beginning Band demonstrating their work for us. Last night, I listened as they played their songs with ease. I can only imagine how amazing they will be in Year Two Band.

With the support of Mrs. Turecek and Mrs. Hartman, we determined the GPA of 334 students. I offer my sincerest thanks to them for their help. Next year, Infinite Campus will calculate GPAs for us. Love technology! Our Honor Roll boasts 45 more students this year than last year. We will celebrate students with straight A’s and students with GPA’s of 3.5 or higher. I look forward to recognizing these students for their hard work and diligence.

Our Battle of the Books team competed with integrity and honor. They earned their way to the semi-finals. They faced disappointing results with grace. Two of our middle school competitors walked through the process of making a very adult decision. The semi-final match conflicted with the choir and band concert. They faced a disappointing dilemma. Should they attend the extracurricular event or fulfill an academic responsibility. I know without a doubt they were disappointed by the dilemma. Their maturity modeled life-long learning and honorable leadership.

Our middle school Destination Imagination team competes soon. I look forward to watching them in action as they address the challenge they selected. Our girls’ basketball team begins their quest for the championship Monday. Their season personified the benefit of hard work and effort.

Spending my day in the halls of SkyView Academy Middle School provides me immeasurable joy. This week, Mrs. Perricone and I learned that the middle school had a pet fish. Alarmed? We were too. Turns out, 7th-grade students placed a goldfish cracker in a plastic bag filled with water. They proceeded to pass it around locker to locker during passing periods. In moments like these, I laugh. I celebrate all that is the middle school student. I embrace their creativity and sense of humor.

I find myself humbled by the experiences this year brought. There are days the weight of the responsibility of this job overwhelms me. There are days I feel guilty that I earn a salary for this job. I love it SO MUCH! There are days I hope that the decisions I make are the right ones. There are days I worry about each of my students to the point of tears. I appreciate more than I can express the grace I have received from this community, my staff, and my students. Truly.

As we approach Spring Break, I hope that you are able to rest and recharge for the final push of the year.

Honored to Serve You All,

Janet Worley

On a Personal Note: Thank you for your understanding with my absence in traffic from time to time over the past three weeks. Additionally, thank you for your patience with my absence at extracurricular activities. It allowed me to be with my son as he faced a trying medical scare. I am relieved to share that we learned from the ocular oncologist today that he does NOT have ocular melanoma. I, however, have a new worry for my students. I implore you to keep your family in sunglasses and hats when you are outside.

Food for Thought: This week’s link focuses on ways to stop the spread of anxiety surrounding math. A special thanks to Lisa Mortimer for this article! Stop Saying You’re Bad at Math

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