Buckle Your Seatbelt

March 30, 2017

Dear Families,

As an English teacher, I taught my students to avoid cliches like the plague. But, in this case, I have no other words! WOW! Did time fly this year! I cannot believe that we begin the month of April on Saturday. This letter will contain an information download. My hope is that it will provide you the details you need to help your child navigate the month of April.

Buckle Your Seatbelt. Here we go…

  1. PARCC/CMAS Testing begins Monday, April 3rd with the 8th Grade.
  2. In an attempt to protect instruction time, through the month of April we will follow a block day schedule the majority of the month. During advisement today, teachers will share the block schedule with students. Students will mark their planners accordingly.
  3. 8th grade will test on April 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 13th. Testing will be from 8:00-12:00.
  4. 7th grade will test on April 6th, 7th, and 12th. Testing will be from 8:00-12:00.
  5. 6th grade will test on April 17th, 18th, and 19th. Testing will be from 8:00-12:00.
  6. On days that students are testing, their academic day will resume with English, History, and Science after lunch. Lunch will occur from 12:00-12:35.
  7. On days that students are not testing, they will follow their regular ODD/EVEN block schedule day.
  8. The schedule is as follows:
    Monday, April 3 Odd
    Tuesday, April 4, Even
    Wednesday, April 5 Odd
    Thursday, April 6 Even
    Friday, April 7 Odd
    Monday, April 10 Even

    Tuesday, April 11 Odd

    Wednesday, April 12, Even
    Thursday, April 13, Odd

    Friday, April 14 ALL 8 Periods

    Monday, April 17, Even
    Tuesday, April 18, Odd
    Wednesday, April 19, Even

    Friday, April 20th ALL 8 Periods

  9. On Monday, April 10th during our long advisement, we will present the entire middle school with a viewing of Screenagers. 
  10. April 21st-April 24th is a four day weekend.
  11. Beginning April 25th, we will resume our regular weekly schedule beginning with an All 8 Period Day on Tuesday, April 25th.
  12. Given that we are following a block schedule, teachers will assign homework. The reason for this is two-fold. First, students will have a longer period of time to complete the work during the block schedule. Second, homework assigned each day won’t be due the following day.
  13. If you have completed the Opt-Out Google form available through the school website, you have two options for your students. On the day that their grade level is testing, you may keep them home until their afternoon classes that begin at 12:40. Or, you may send them to school. If they come to school, they will be supervised in the cafetorium for the duration of the testing.  Given the guidelines around PARCC/CMAS testing, students in the cafetorium are encouraged to bring school work or a book to read. They will not be allowed access to the Wi-Fi during the testing period.
  14. Music Man premieres April 6th and runs through the 9th. You won’t want to miss this amazing production!

Well, that about covers the month of April. Looking ahead to May. We have some exciting events to close out the year. First and foremost will be the 8th-grade dance A Sky Full of Stars. This is a semi-formal event being hosted by several 8th-grade parents. Look for invites soon to come home with your student. This event is a highlight. This year’s event is scheduled for Friday, May 5th from 7 to 10 PM in the Cafetorium.  Tickets will be sold in the MS office for $15. The price includes the cost of the DJ, photo booth, snacks, and decorations.  It promises to be an amazing celebration.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.

Kind Regards,

Janet Worley





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