Murphy’s Law and Mrs. Worley

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 August 16, 2018

Dear Families,

I plan. When I say that I plan, I mean down to the finite details. My mom would say I entered the world with this disposition. Quite possible. As I travel my life’s journey, I realize that trials and road bumps are not only a given they are predictable. So, I find security in planning. My rationale is simple. If there is a plan in place and Murphy’s law transpires, I find it easier to respond rather than react.

SVA Traffic patterns exemplify this best. Having worked at SVA in a variety of roles for 8 years, I have watched and participated in a variety of changes to our traffic pattern. Each year, there is an improvement. This year has been no different. This is a celebration, even with Murphy’s Law in tack. I arrived at school Monday excited about the screencast video and traffic map. I received many affirming emails from families suggesting that they found the information very helpful. My competitive nature built internal excitement. I knew we would set a record. We set a record alright…

Murphy’s Law: The fastest technology issue we have had on record. Yet even with that issue, all students were in school ready to learn by 8:35.

Traffic is improving each day. This is a celebration. Even with the hectic flow the first two days, afternoon traffic ended at 4:07 and 4:05. That is a 17-minute improvement over the past two years. This week traffic has consistently ended by 4 PM. Again, the competitor in me celebrates this win too. Yesterday, traffic flowed as though we have been in school for several months! Great teamwork! I realize that families reviewed and signed the Parent/Student Handbook during Express Check-in. However, for your convenience, I linked the Late Pick-up Procedure here for your review. Late Arrival/Early Dismissal

SVA Parent Volunteers enrich the culture and community of our school. Each year, I find myself in awe of the servants’ hearts of so many of our families. We began the year with great enthusiasm for volunteer sign-ups. We anticipated Track-it Forward would be ready earlier this year than last year. All roads suggested we would be up an running by the start of the year.

Murphy’s Law: We ran into a programming glitch that prevented us from releasing the sign-ups on time.

We worked through the hiccups and still managed to get through the traffic line at the beginning of the school year in record time. A special shout out to Mrs. Tana Perkins for her tireless work reprogramming the system for us. It is now up and running and ready to receive volunteers.

Murphy’s Law interrupts perfectly good plans on a daily basis. It simply provides us the opportunity to stretch our growth. I know without a doubt that we will have plenty of opportunities to stretch through Murphy’s Law this year. Let’s agree to embrace it and grow together. I promise you, in the end, it will provide us the ability to laugh at how predictable the problems can become.

Serving this community brings me continued joy. My favorite part of the day is lunch. I just love being with the students. Though I must confess Maddy and Hunter suffered under my lunch making abilities, or should I say lack of lunch making abilities. Some of the lunches I see belong in a 4-star restaurant.

Honored to Serve You All,

Janet Worley

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