Ashes, Beauty, and the In-between

April 11, 2019

Dear Families,

This week, I struggled to find my my voice. Motivation to do much of anything evaded me. April presents personal challenges for me. Saturday marks 46 years since my father died. Tomorrow, Hunter and his buddies remember the birthday of their precious friend. They should be graduating together. Instead they face the 4th anniversary of his passing. Currently, I await word of more heartache.

My transparency gives some pause. Others find it refreshing. Still others ponder it with curiosity. It is all I know.

My mom taught me early on the importance of the truth. Well, to be honest, she simply capitalized on a choice I made. At the age of 16, I faced the reality of being “protected” from heartache. I hated it. Through that healing, I found my voice.

Tonight, as I battled to find my topic, I reflected on the days, and weeks since Lisa’s passing. Much of it is a blur. But one thing is crystal clear. Beauty can come from ashes. I see beauty everyday.

I see beauty in our Paras as they selflessly serve our teachers and students.

I see beauty in our Facilities team as they maintain the order of our building and make sure we have what we need.

I see beauty in our Office and Health room staff as they maintain order and structure for our families.

I see beauty in the PreK team as they guide their precious ones through the halls safely with hugs and bubbles.

I see beauty in the ES Grade level teams as they navigate balancing instruction and curriculum while implementing joy and laughter.

I see beauty in the ELL team as they empower our English language learners with tools for success.

I see beauty in our Student Support and Literacy Teams as they find ways to creatively deliver instruction and build confidence in our students.

I see beauty in our Spanish team as they instill a love of language in even our youngest learners.

I see beauty in our Specials team. They fill each day with opportunity that extends beyond book learning. Isn’t that awesome!

I see beauty in the BASE team as they care for our after school friends.

I see beauty in MS Content Specialist as they find ways to engage learning and challenge thinking.

I see beauty in our Mental Health team as support the emotional well being of our students.

I see beauty in our Management and Leadership team as they utilize their strengths to grow and improve our school community.

I see beauty in our students as they bravely navigate childhood and adolescents.

I see beauty in our Parents and Guardians as they love and support their children on their academic journey.

I see beauty in Paula Harrison and Javier Negron as we work together as team to do all we can to support our beautiful SVA Community.

This beauty empowers me as I continue to navigate my grief. I know I have struggled from time to time to navigate my grief well. I see beauty in my grief because it allows me to see the beauty that surrounds me everyday.

This beauty fills my heart with joy.

Where do you see beauty? Are you looking for it?

Honored to Serve You All,

Janet Worley