May 9, 2019

💙💛♥️My blog post tonight remains unwritten. I spent the last hour sitting in silence. Amidst the heartache and grief, I have much to say. But I can’t find words that will be seasoned with salt. I can’t find words that will bring grace to those who hear them. So I remain silent tonight. But I urge you all to consider this. As you navigate the grief and rage and fear that fills your heart and mind, please remember there is a teacher filled with the same emotions showing up to work, teaching your child, protecting your child, and loving your child. Extend grace to them if they aren’t on their A game. Love them through your grief and theirs. Even at a school that continuously revisits safety, any adjustments will take time. But also remember that every employee in every school wants to go home to their family every night just as much as you want your precious treasure to come home to you. Trust that they will take every action necessary to ensure that happens. ♥️💛💙