And So the Year Begins…

August 8, 2019

The building bustles with excitement at the prospect of a new year. Classrooms contain shiny new supplies ready to support the learning of students. Students enthusiastically embrace the adventure of a new grade level. Teachers invite eager learners to engage in activities that build community.

In middle school, lockers open with ease. The hallways contain the anxious chatter of preteens and teens as they transition from class to class. Everything celebrates a beginning. Soon enough, the new will transition to routine. As we continue to establish that each child matters, we will embrace the opportunities to help them grow in their confidence and individuality.

I enjoy the routine. I embrace the beauty of planning. When I say that I embrace the beauty of planning, I mean down to the finite details. My mom would say I entered the world with this disposition. Quite possible. As I travel my life’s journey, I realize that trials and road bumps are not only a given, they are predictable. So, I find security in planning. My rationale is simple. If there is a plan in place and Murphy’s law transpires, I find it easier to respond rather than react.

I found my heart overflowing with joy as I walked the halls and received hugs and high fives from my amazing students. The day began with ease. Even with minor changes to our morning traffic pattern and a new parking lot map, things went fairly smoothly. Especially for a First Day of School. As quickly as it began, it concluded. And with an equal measure of excitement.

I celebrate that as calmly as the day started, it ended with a bit of chaos. The day personified the reality that this year will be filled with calm and routine. It will be filled with chaos and surprise. It will be filled with the opportunity to grow and learn and live. As the year presents these opportunities, it will also provide the opportunity for each of us to choose kindness, to choose grace, and to choose community.

Honored to Serve You All,

Janet Worley