Growth of the Lobster

August 15, 2019

Dear Families,

Once an English teacher, always an English teacher. I determined early on in my education that I loved English. More accurately, I love literature. Imagery within literary works such as Les Miserables serve to teach lessons of truth and beauty. F. Scott Fitzgerald challenges his reader to to consider the impact of choice through the deplorable behavior of characters like Tom and Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby,

As a teacher, I continuously sought ways to evoke wonder and challenge thinking. Today, I still strive to do the same. My red cowboys boots, for example. They represent the reminder that even when life is challenging, adventure awaits. Each time I wear them, they elicit response. A couple of days ago, I chose my lobster pants for the day.

As I walked the halls, my pants provided entertainment and wonder among the students. My expressive middle school students embraced them with enthusiasm, or horror. As in, “Mrs. Worley, you know there are lobsters on your pants, right?!?” Teen translation, “How on earth can you wear those in public?” Elementary students either stared in surprise or complimented them, cautiously.

Very few inquired as to why I had lobsters on my pants. My littlest of littles spoke openly and in wonder. “Mrs. Worley, why do you have lobsters on your pants?” I responded the same every time.

“I am so glad you asked.”

Their wonder and curiosity allowed me to share the story of how a lobster grows. As a family, I encourage you to watch the story of the growth of a lobster. Reflect on the message. Discuss it. Ask your student if they make any connections to the story. Then, as a family, embrace the challenges of this year as an opportunity to be uncomfortable and grow.

Honored to Serve You All,

Janet Worley

Story of a Lobster