The Blinking Red Light

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 5.34.19 PMOctober 3, 2019

Education is a difficult path. So many times the challenges out number the wins. And wins often take years to see. Last night was a HUGE win! I had the honor of catching up with a student from my first class 27 years ago. He survived my first year learning curve. The good. The bad. The ugly.

He contributed in a mighty way to developing me into the educator I am today. I will never forget his mom’s words to me at my first Back to School Night. “You know, you won’t lose control of the classroom if you praise the students when they do well.” Those words stuck with me. They changed my approach. They empowered me to celebrate my students and encourage them. He chose the path of public service, first as a member of the Marine Corp and now as an SRO.

It’s been a challenging year. I’ve faced decisions and challenges I would never have predicted 27 years ago. Today, we ran our yearly lock down drill with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the district’s Safety and Security team.

Twenty seven years ago, my biggest worry fell somewhere between missing homework assignments and note passing during class. Today, I celebrated that my preschoolers sat criss-cross applesauce silently in the dark. I praised middle schoolers for clearing the halls within seconds of calling the drill. I walked along side the deputy through hallways thankful that our students know how to stay safe.

Last night, I celebrated a beautiful life. A life that entered my journey and changed my course. I am beyond grateful for the reminder of why I chose this path. It matters.